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Tree Replacement & Cleanup

Having the privilege of a second home in beautiful Southwest Florida is an absolute blessing. But when you’re away, it is easy for your landscaping to get out of control. Here we feature the replacement of some undesired trees and a full clean up of the beds across the facade.

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Holiday Maintenance

The homeowner wasn’t sure if it was Donner, Dasher or Rudolph himself, but what he did know was deer got the best of his flowerbed. In the Christmas spirit, we went ahead and forgave the deer. We replaced the shrubs with some foliage a tad less edible but still bold and vibrant.

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Sodding out the weeds

Florida has some of the most unique and thriving plant varieties in the country. Wonderful, right? Sometimes. People are very particular what plants are growing on their property, right down to the lawn itself. Here we discuss measures to beat back invasive plants encroaching on your beloved turf.

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